MeetMax Event Software Solution

130+ event organizers globally use our registration and/or meeting tool to book meetings.



Enable your attendees to efficiently identify and schedule meetings with potential business partners using MeetMax’s simple 1-on-1 meeting schedule tool.

Marketing & Branding

Market your event to your audience using your event’s customized branding and colors.


MeetMax works with merchant processors that will accept Credit Card payments and deposit them in your account.

Mobile Solutions

MeetMax offers an on-site app that provides attendees access to important event information.


MeetMax offers both simple and complex registration.

Personalized Schedules

Prior to your event, each attendee will receive their own personalized schedule.


Send invitations to your prospective attendees.

Flexible Reporting

Post-event reporting is important to every event organizer.

Individuals & Entities

MeetMax’s flexibility allows for both individuals and entities to request, receive, and confirm meetings.

Salesforce Integration

Update your CRM with attendee and event information using MeetMax’s CRM integration.

Hotels & Transportation

Update hotel and transportation information in MeetMax.

Activities & Presentations

Attendees can sign up for activities for anything from lunch to golf outings.