Registration & Speaker Ready

No matter what tools you need for your event, we have you covered.

Presenter Check-In

We check every deck slide by slide with the presenter to ensure that there are no errors during the presentation.

Powerful Network Connectivity

We use the latest wireless access technology to ensure that your guests are able to stay connected during the event.

Convenient Laptop Stations

Our state of the art laptops allow your guests to stay up to date with the latest information and stockholder news.

Endless Badging Options

We design unique badges which feature custom sizing, colors, logos, names, and corporations for your event.

Simplistic Printer Usability

Our multi location printers, available in both color and black and white, can be setup and accessed from anywhere in your event.

Cost Cutting

We work with your budget to allow for the best possible experience. We pride ourselves in offering the best technology for the lowest price among our competition.

Trim out the Middleman

Unify your event through us. Forget about sending emails to separate vendors, we handle everything through one single point of contact.